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Name: Martin O'Connor
Nickname: Marty (called this at seminary by his good friends), Mr. Martin (called by Nyx)
Age: 30
Gender: Male.
Birthday: January 12, 1985
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 150 lbs.

Race: Human
Rank: Recruit
Unit: Scout
Weapon: Vines conjured by his earth magic which he can use like whips or restraints.

Appearance: He is fairly average in size and height, looking somewhat younger than he really is with pale skin and freckled cheeks with flaming red hair. He wears glasses and usually a black, collared Clerical shirt with a gold crucifix and black slacks. Though he's not currently preaching at a parish, he does his best to help with whatever people might be around him in need of spiritual advice, teaching, or simply in need of some help in whatever capacity he's able.

Personality: He is very bright, with a high IQ and a very enthusiastic, energized personality, especially when working on or talking about one of his passions such as the Bible, ancient languages and history, mythology, his Irish heritage, theology, and literature. He's a voracious reader and will read pretty much every book, though his favorites are history books, ancient epic poetry, fantasy fiction, and theology. Despite his eccentricity, he's also a natural dad: very kind, caring, fair, and always ready to help and offer advice to his juniors. He's always willing to help people in need, despite what he may or may not be doing at any given time. He's also very protective of Nyx and will lay down his life for them if need be.

+ancient history
+the Bible
+Irish and Middle Eastern mythology
+going to the pub
+J.R.R. Tolkien
+C.S. Lewis (what self-respecting Christian doesn't? XD)
+'90s grunge and alternative rock

-messing with Nyx in any way
-People messing with his research
-Intolerance of his religion and between religions in general
-Mistreatment of those who can't fight back
-Problems he can't fix
-Long sermons
-Church politics
-Long-winded prayers
-Misinterpretation of the Bible
-The downtrodden going without help

Martin O'Connor was born in Sligo, Ireland to a powerful family of mages whose ancestry can be traced back to the ancient Druids. He was raised with full knowledge of his magical talents and was raised as a pagan for most of his life. His mother too special interest in him, grooming him to be a powerful wizard. He trained hard and long with his magic since he was a child, possessed of prodigious magical gifts and a sharp, agile mind. He grew up amidst the Troubles, the fighting between Protestant British loyalists and Catholic Irish republicans. The O'Connors generally kept out of it, content to wait it out while the foolish Christians killed each other. The fighting ranged too close for comfort, however, and Martin moved with his family to Oxford, England at the age of 8.

When he was a teenager, Martin discovered Christianity by means of checking a Bible out from the library out of curiosity. It was the one book his parents forbade him to read and he wanted to know why. What's more, he wanted to know what in that book compelled the various factions of the forbidden faith to fight as they did back home in Ireland. He read the Bible, getting quite into it both as literature and as religious instruction. He was especially attracted to the Christian ideals of service, humility, and the essential equality of men under God. These were especially enticing since his family's flight from Ireland seemed like a wasted opportunity. To him, his family could have helped victims on both sides of the conflict with their magic, capitalizing on their neutral standing in the conflict as pagans.

His teenage years were also period of reckless experimentation with his magic. Having learned about Jewish mysticism from his biblical studies, he was determined to play around with it. He managed to acquire some ancient cabbalic scrolls from an antiques dealer, who let him borrow them after seeing his eagerness and earnestness.

He set to work trying to combine the spells within with his own earth magic, with varied results. His life was forever altered by one of these experiments when, at age 15, he attempted to create a golem using both the techniques he learned and his own plant-based earth magic. He combined both plant and earthy material to create a body and was beginning the incantation to bring it to life, when the golem suddenly opened its eyes and began to speak. Absolutely dumbfounded, and completely by accident, Martin O'Connor had become a father at 15 without so much as laying a finger on a girl. While quite intimidated at the prospect at first, Martin adopted the sexless, sentient golem, who happened to be named Nyx as his own child and the two became quite close.

This experimentation and accidental creation of a whole new being did not go unnoticed, however. This caught the attention of one Wyatt Faulkwine, bloodwritten, earl and head of the British Crown's elite force in dealing with the supernatural: Her Majesty's Royal Occult Corps. Seeing the potential of Maritn's prodigious magical talent and the potential risks involved if his experimentation was allowed to proceed unchecked and unfettered, Earl Faulkwine promptly recruited the youth, moving him to London and compensating his family. Martin worked for the Occult Corps for 15 years, growing further in in newfound faith and entering seminary in the Church of England at the age of 22. He became the priest of a small parish, juggling his time between fighting demons for Earl Faulkwine, raising Nyx, and ministering to his congregation. It was a hectic life, but he enjoyed it immensely, as he was using all his talents.

In the autumn of 2014, his life took another turn when he met and befriended one Darci Leigh (soon to be Baptiste) when she was recruited by the Earl. Records are sketchy as to the exact events of the following months, but in January of 2015, Martin had resigned from both his parish and the Royal Occult Corps to take up a scouting position with the Reapers with Nyx in tow.

Items: Martin has a golden crucifix which he is quite fond of, a present from Earl Faulkwine. He also carries around copies of various ancient texts for studying. He also usually has some sort of novel on hand which he'll dip into whenever he has downtime, usually fantasy.

Other: It is unclear how or why he left the Occult Corps. Some Reapers sources suggest a botched relationship with a new recruit. Storms, amputees, and copious amounts of beer may have been involved.
Martin O'Connor Written Application
Introducing my third guy in the Reapers, Martin O'Connor.
Name: Esperanza Eldridge
Nickname: 'Speranza (bestowed by Nathaniel),
Age: 128
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 7, 1887
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 125 lbs.

Race: Necromancer
Rank: Recruit
Unit: Scouts
Weapon: An old Mauser C96 pistol she acquired in France c. 1917 along with a knife she usually has strapped to her thigh in case of emergency.

Appearance: She is thin with a pale complexion and long, black, carefully-brushed and maintained hair to hide her hideously disfigured ears. She usually wears red lipstick with meticulously-maintained makeup and eyebrows. She's always been stunningly beautiful, a fact her extreme age has not dulled. Due to he Necromancer longevity, she only appears to be in her forties, despite being 128 years old.

Personality: She is quite somber and seemingly aloof, with a detached and cynical attitude. She does, however, have a softer side reserved only for her husband and her closest friends. She can also be quite playful and sarcastic when the situation calls for it, especially when intoxicated. She also has a wild, adventurous spirit, always seeking out new thrills and often dragging poor, timid Nathaniel along for the ride. She is quite social and enjoys talking with a wide variety of people, always very elegant and well-spoken. While she is typically quite agreeable, she doesn't take shit from anyone and will stand her ground if needed.

+Her beloved husband Nathaniel
+Booze of any kind (has a flask strapped to her thigh for emergencies)
+Parties and gatherings
+Music (especially classical, ragtime, and jazz)
+Cigars (she took them up in the 1910s, when it was still considered improper for a woman to smoke).
+Thrills and novelty.

-Her life being interfered with
-loud, boorish people
-Her poise being broken
-moralists of any era
-Authority that lords it over underlings (from experiences with World War I, Prohibition, a brief stint in prostitution from 1913-15.)
-Being told how to feel about something

Theme: Solace by Scott Joplin:…

Bio/History: Esperanza was born to a wealthy ranching family from Baja California in 1887. Her childhood was a relatively happy and tranquil one, with much of her time spent being groomed by her mother to be a good, proper lady and excellent future wife. This peaceful existence would be ended in a swirling storm of politics and the clash between various supernaturals in Mexico. In 1910, the 23-year-old Esperanza was engaged to Arturo Rosas, the heir of a powerful bloodwritten clan in the vicinity of Mexico City. The Rosas were among the most powerful supernaturals in Mexico, with ancestry which could be traced to the Roman Empire on one side, and the Aztec priestly class on the other and this marriage would greatly benefit her family.

This was not to be however. A rival bloodwritten clan who sought to usurp the Rosas for domination of the region had thrown in their lot with the revolution sweeping the country. These bloodwritten, seeking to break the influence of the Rosas in Baja California, sacked her family's rancho under the pretense of looting the wealthy on behalf of the Revolution. Her entire family was slaughtered and she barely escaped with her life. She was terribly disfigured at the hands of the rebels, her ears terribly mutilated and her hair shaven. Worse, however, was the terrible torment exacted upon her by a human mage in their raiding party. Her Necromancer powers were forcibly stripped away, rendering her nearly powerless and unable to defend herself. They would certainly have done more had her brother Juan not stepped in and sacrificed himself in order for her to escape.

She made her way north into the United States where she lived on the streets of San Diego for a time, trying to come to terms with her sudden destitute and powerless state. She had virtually nothing except the clothes on her back. She had to resort to selling herself into prostitution, working at a brothel in the Gaslamp Quarter. This kept her fed and allowed her to make some money, but it was humiliating and exhausting work. During this period, she found her twin loves and vices of drinking (which she did for forget her awful circumstances and the fresh wounds both physical and mental from the attack) and smoking cigars.

By 1915, however, she was able to amass enough money to leave the brothel, buying a small, ratty apartment in a cheap part of the city. She was then able to draw together plans to regain her powers and get herself back on her feet. While she was poking around, looking for some sort of work, she ran into one Nathaniel “Nattie” Eldridge, the son of a well-to-do San Francisco family who had come down to San Diego to study to be a schoolteacher at the State University. To this day, she doesn't know why, but she thought this unassuming, bookish, timid, and somewhat pretentious young man was the key to helping her get back her powers.

To make a long story short, they eventually succeeded through a series of crazy adventures throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Mexico. All the while, the two became very close companions and soon Nathaniel was head-over-heels in love with her. Esperanza was slightly slower to catch on, though she did enjoy flirting and messing with the high-strung student. Eventually, she realized just how much she was enjoying this and why, and she soon felt much the same.

This bond was strengthened by the onset of their entanglement with the United States government. When they were able to resurrect Esperanza's powers, they were mixed up with General Pershing's ill-fated 1916 expedition into Mexico to capture the infamous Pancho Villa. When they were picked up by Army Intelligence, Esperanza was the first Necromancer of her kind to be officially documented. The bureaucrats, of course, wanted to study her and research potential military applications for her powers. She was conscripted into World War I as a spy for the Allies with Nattie in tow. While she was spying for the Allies, she came in contact with Earl Wyatt Faulkwine of His Majesty's Royal Occult Corps. The two became fast friends over the course of the war and she served honorably as a spy in the German Ranks. Nathaniel, in the meatime, was thrown headfirst into the hell of the trenches, serving with the US Army Expeditionary Force throughout the war.

The two were reunited at war's end and they spent some time abroad in Europe, first in France, then in England at the request of Earl Faulkwine. Their relationship was all the stronger for the separation, and upon their return to the States in 1920, they were married. They moved back to San Diego and they settled into a nice house in the city and Nathaniel tried to get break into the publishing and movie industries simultaneously, though neither would bear fruit. Esperanza, however, was able to augment Nattie's sizable inheritance.

She was terribly frustrated with Prohibition interfering with her drinking habits and would not take the Federal Government's “no” for an answer. As far as she was concerned, they had put her husband and she through hell over the past few years and they owed them. She went into the bootlegging business, dragging the hapless Nattie into a world of danger and intrigue along with her. She loved the work: the thrill of smuggling, outrunning the police, conducting shady deals in speakeasies, Nathaniel not so much, but he stuck by his wife anyway. She was quite good at this high-stakes game, and was soon one of the most successful bootleggers on the West Coast, to the point she was noticed by New York Gangster Mayer Wolfshiem and his mysterious business partner Jay Gatsby. She and Nathaniel even attended one of his famous parties on Long Island in the summer of 1922.

After Prohibition was repealed, the couple settled down, retiring on their massive fortune acquired through the smuggling of contraband liquor. Nathaniel continued to toy around with his dreams of Hollywood and literary fame, though none of his efforts got very far. He did write a fictionalized account of his adventures with Esperanza, however, that did get published as a serial in the fantasy and horror magazine Weird Tales. The two were happily married for decades, traveling the world together and having a wonderful time. They moved to Palm Springs in the '50s, living there in the winter and spending their summers in a cottage on Catalina Island.

In 1972, Nathaniel died at the ripe old age of 83. This nearly broke Esperanza, who sunk into a terrible depression and was contemplating suicide. She was able to work through it, however, when she discovered an old tome of Necromancer magic from the Middle Ages, penned by Dr. Johann Faustus which described a technique in which a soul could be placed back into a body, reanimating and regenerating it. At great personal risk, Esperanza performed the ritual, bringing her beloved Nattie back to life as a creature known as a Shade. From there, they resumed their blissful married life, which continued for four more decades until the year 2015, the 100th anniversary of their meeting.

It was then that Esperanza was contacted by the mysterious Ares, looking to bolster his ranks in the wake of the Eris incident. He told her that her skill set was just what he was looking for and that the work would be dangerous though rewarding and the pay was good. Eager to get back out into the world and chase some thrills, Esperanza gladly accepted on the condition she could bring her husband with her. Ares agreed and the couple left for Tahiti to rendezvous with her new employers.

Items: In addition to her weapons, she also keeps a flask on her person at all times, usually tucked into her right stocking opposite her knife. She usually fills it with rum-and-Coke. Before they left California, she had it engraved with the Reapers insignia.
Esperanza Eldridge Written Application
And here's my second new character, one Esperanza Eldridge.


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I'm an amateur novelist and poet who also has a deep appreciation for art. Occasionally, I try my own hand at it, though I'm a much better at making pictures in words than lines on paper.

I usually write fantasy and have created a massive universe whose stories I hope to write down within my lifetime. Poetically, I enjoy writing beautiful verses for beauty's sake as well as some attempts at ancient style epics. My biggest literary influences are the Romantic poets, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Milton, W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, the Old Testament, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, The Illiad and Odyssey, and Edmund Spencer.
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