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Dear Madame Lorelei,

I have concluded my investigation into the disappearance of our most esteemed and beloved peasant and I have managed to glean some most interesting results. My first destination was the man's quarters in our headquarters. I made a most careful search of these and some results were gleaned. I found several objects of interest, including various objects and tokens of affection from a supposed boyfriend which I had been informed about some time ago.

I did not know my dearest peasant was so taken with his own sex and I would have shouldered the responsibility of his education in these matters had I not been occupied with Madame Darci. Anyhow, I digress. I perused these affects, trying to ascertain their value to my investigation. In the meantime, I discovered many heretofore unknown things about this delightful plebeian, but 'tis neither here nor there.

I then walked to the dingy tavern in which he was last seen. 'Tis a most unaesthetic establishment which I in my most cultivated taste, would never patronize. According to the correspondence I had received, our dear peasant had come here for a tryst with this mysterious lover. My curiosity piqued, I took a drink of the most shoddy wine which the idiot tending the bar insisted 'twas their best. I questioned the man and he confirmed that he had seen our beloved peasant in that very room and he had gone into the bathroom. I finished my drink after chatting with the other patrons, who confirmed the innkeeper's story.

Once inside the pigsty the proprietor passes off as a bathroom, I noticed several things: 'twas a certain odor as well as signs of a struggle. Several pieces of furniture were damaged and 'twas blood on the ground. A very ginger and revolted tasting revealed it to indeed be the blood of monsieur Heath. I could taste panic within it, though quite faint with the passage of time, and a certain grogginess.  I am quite certain he was drugged in some manner, most likely imbibed in a drink. The scent was of a certain cologne, it seemed. 'twas quite familiar, yet I could not place it. A rumpled calling card was present among the signs of struggle for a tailor which I myself had patronized to buy some attire for my forthcoming journey. Then, the pieces fell into place for me; 'twas the very scent wafting through the air of that tailor's shop.

I went there immediately. The tailor, a most foul Spaniard by the name of Antonio, was working at the counter and I put him to questioning. He was reluctant at first, but as you know, I am quite good at persuasion when the occasion calls for it. I grabbed him and dragged him into the back room, applying various threats and drawing one of my daggers to his throat. He spoke after this, though I had half a mind to see if he was in fact telling the truth. I tasted his vintage, which was surprisingly good with hints of his terror and the deviousness of his involvement with the conspiracy against the Reapers. 'Twas a stronger vintage than what I am accustomed to, yet 'twas quite invigorating. It set my senses afire with its taste, hints of treachery, a most wondrous finish of his terror and anxiety, fear of retribution from his master should said master learn of the information he divulged.

I must admit, I did drink more than 'twas completely necessary and he was significantly weak from blood-loss. This did make him quite easy to transport, however. I brought him back to the base and he is now residing in the brig. From him, I learned that he worked quite closely with the kidnappers, targeting our dear peasant specifically for his bloodwritten nature for an unknown benefactor, the same who was behind the other abductions amongst our ranks. 'twas indeed these people who drugged and took monsieur Sora hence. I continued to follow their trail, yet it got cold upon the road. I returned to the base with my captive and deposited him in the brig.
The facts in this case stand thus: These kidnappers were working in concert in order to capture our compatriots by various means for a mysterious master who seemed interested in acquiring once of each of the supernatural races and that their network on this island is quite well-connected. I recommend further investigation at once.

-Armand Baptiste, duc D'Bois

P.S. Also consider this letter my resignation from the Reapers and this investigation as my final gift to you. Know that I have always considered you an able general and a stalwart ally. 'tis you out of all the generals I have always respected and admired the most. It pains me to part ways with both you and all my friends within the ranks of this most irregular militia. I am convinced that 'twas no accident that I joined your ranks and I am ever-so-glad I have despite all the hardships we have endured along the way. You had given me a chance at redemption, one I have done my best to seize upon it. I only hope to make both you and my brothers and sisters in arms proud of me one day.

'Tis with a heavy heart I take my leave and I am ever-so-anxious as to the safety of our colleagues in bondage. Kindly keep me informed of your progress with this case, since I was quite close to Madame Celestina despite our differences and I fear most terribly for her. I pray she and the others shall be returned to us soon. When you find her, bid her adieu in my stead and tell her that she shall be welcome in my chateau whenever she desires. (The invitation applies to you as well, madame.)

To my good doctor and confidant Phen, bid a fond farewell. Thank him for saving my life and helping to correct the terrible course I was on. He is a wonderful friend and I love him most dearly. I wish him all the best in his marriage to Madame Fatima and I hope 'tis long and fruitful. Bid him raise a glass in my honor and tell him he is the most finely-dressed modern I know.

To Madame Clemency, bid farewell. Wish her the happiest of marriages to Monsieur Pyoter and a long and happy life. She shall also be pleased to know that I am still reading the volumes I have borrowed from her and that I have become more interested in her faith. I plan on attending masses in the village church once I return to France. 'Tis quite ironic, since I once held a priest at knife-point there. I shall see what will happen, whether or not I shall deign to be baptized and formally convert. I am still with reservations, yet I continually see 'tis more and more difficult to believe that anything but Providence has taken me hence from my near-death at the hands of revolutionaries to now...with Darci and two children soon to be born. Whilst on the subject, if I deign to christen them, 'twould do me the greatest honor if she would be godmother to one of them.

'Tis been quite the tumultuous time, my service to this organization, but I have enjoyed myself. 'Tis been terribly painful at times, and yet...I feel renewed and happier, more fulfilled than I possibly ever had. I owe you and all my collegues my life in more ways than one. I bid you adieu, mon general. May you find the peace you have always sought and may your children grow healthy and strong. Merde...I am weeping even as I write this...'twould be best to conclude. Adieu, mon ami, adieu.
Name: Nathaniel Eldridge
Nickname: Nattie (bestowed by Esperanza)
Age: 126
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 5, 1889
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 145 lbs.

Race: Shade (for the past 43 years)

Appearance: He is a rather thin old man, appearing to be in his late 50s or early 60s with thinning grey hair, usually well-combed, and round glasses with golden frames. He is usually dressed relatively well, usually preferring sport coats and slacks with a dress shirt with the collar unbuttoned, usually with an ascot.

Personality: He is quite bright and inquisitive with a somewhat eccentric personality. He is very enthusiastic about his hobbies and interests such as writing, the works of Oscar Wilde, the 1890s, and film making, more than capable of talking a listener's ear off about them. In contrast to his social and outgoing wife, he is rather timid and self-contained, often preferring to be alone or with only Esperanza. He spends most of his time like this, though he can be coaxed out into a group if they are discussing something that piques his interest. He is also averse to danger and risks, preferring to play it safe and stay at home rather than get mixed up in adventures.

+the 1890s
+Intellectual conversation
+Carne asada (was introduced to it by Esperanza)
+Peace and quiet

-Loud, crowded environments
-Forcible socialization
-Unnecessary speech or noise
-Censorship and regulation of either literature or film (He hated the Hayes Code back in the day)

Bio/History: Nathaniel Eldridge was born to a wealthy San Francisco family in 1889, the youngest of three children. He lived a generally normal life, though he did experience and survive the great 1906 earthquake at the age of 17. From a young age, he was fascinated by the mannerisms, dress, art, and literature of the 1890s, particularly the works of the British aesthetes such as Oscar Wilde. He was also quite fond of the newfangled, miraculous cinema, twin obsessions that would stay with him his entire life.

Being a timid and mild-mannered child, he largely kept to himself and was often fearful and cautious when it came to the world outside his family manor. Because of this, he was quite the late bloomer, not pursuing any sort of career besides tentative forays into literary art until he was well into his twenties. He enrolled in San Diego State University at the age of 25 in order to become a schoolteacher. He met Esperanza over the course of his explorations in the city and from that day on, his life was never the same. He was dragged into a new world he never thought possible, that of the supernatural.

He went on a series of crazy adventures with her in the quest to regain her powers. The two of them were eventually caught up in World War I, into which Esperanza was captured by Army Intelligence and subjected to cruel experimentation. Nattie, in the meantime, was conscripted into the Expeditionary Force and thrust headlong into the hell of the trenches. He never quite recovered from the ordeal, suffering from acute shell-sock late in the war.

Once the war ended, he and Esperanza spent time in Europe in both France and England before returning to the states. They moved back to the States and were married in 1920. With the advent of Prohibition, he was unwillingly dragged into bootlegging by his wife. The two were quite successful in this endeavor, retiring once the amendment was repealed in 1933. During this period, he devoted considerable time to the pursuit of his literary and filmic interests, trying to break into Hollywood and the publishing word.

While he produced numerous short films and even a full-length movie starring Esperanza and several friends, he sadly never was able to land any sort of directorial contract in the studio system. He also composed many short stories during this time, sending many of them to various magazines. Most were rejected, but he did manage to get a serialized novella based on his adventures with Esperanza published in the pulp magazine Wierd Tales.

They lived peacefully for several decades, first in San Diego, then alternating between Palm Springs and Catalina Island. He died in 1973 at a ripe old age, but was brought back to life as a shade by Esperanza, who found life without him unbearable. He was more than happy to be resurrected, giving him more time with his beloved wife. They continued their tranquil, liesurely life until the year 2015, when Esperanza received an invitation to the Reapers. She would only join on the condition that Nathaniel would be allowed to accompany him.

She went ahead, leaving Nathaniel to arrange their affairs back in their winter and summer homes. He then got on a plane with his old camera and typewriter in hand, eager for a change of scenery and hoping for more inspiration.

Items: He has an old movie camera which he had bought in late 1915 along with reels upon reels of movies he has shot over the decades. He also possesses an ancient typewriter which he had since childhood and has been typing stories on it ever since. In addition to these, he has an old projector and screen with which he can view his movies.


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I'm an amateur novelist and poet who also has a deep appreciation for art. Occasionally, I try my own hand at it, though I'm a much better at making pictures in words than lines on paper.

I usually write fantasy and have created a massive universe whose stories I hope to write down within my lifetime. Poetically, I enjoy writing beautiful verses for beauty's sake as well as some attempts at ancient style epics. My biggest literary influences are the Romantic poets, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Milton, W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, the Old Testament, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, The Illiad and Odyssey, and Edmund Spencer.
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